Welcome 2017!!!!

 On the 1st day of 2016, I wrote out a prayer for the New Year and today, on the eve of 2017, I reflect upon what I wrote..

May we live with eyes wide open,

May God break our hearts with the things that break His,

May we live out mercy,

May we live out peace,

May we be inspired to know with certainty that we can in fact make a difference,

May we trust in Him and not in the things of this world,

May we speak gospel,

May we remember that we serve the One who took a handful of fish and fed thousands,

May we not grow weary in doing good,

May we cease struggling for happiness and instead embrace joy,

May apathy be erased from our hearts,

May indifference die,

May we constantly immerse ourselves in His word,

May we remember His promises,

May we follow His instructions,

May we be people who love in word and in deed."