February Warmth and the Promise of Spring

February warmth seeps into my bones,

Bright sunshine, gentle breezes on the western wind.

Trees budding, birds frolicking, rabbits everywhere.

The promise of spring is in the air!


I feel it down deep in my bones,

Something budding in the warmth of the sun

The urge to run black earth through worn fingers

Anticipation of the delight as plants burst forth from the hard worked ground.


Evenings on the back porch, relaxing

Dogs at feet, beloved by my side

Watching in awe as the mountains turn pink

In late evenings setting sun.


Spring is coming soon,

I feel it in my bones,

The hope of life renewed

The promise of warmth and light.


Bursts of color as flowers spring forth

Desert willow alive with color

Dancing in the evening breeze

Peach tree blossoms on the wind.


Garden bursting forth from ground

Fresh tomatoes, perfect squash, home grown cucumber

Green beans springing up their tall poles

Spicy peppers row upon row.


My heart  yearns for spring

And the promise of life renewed

And the sure hope of harvest

As spring turns to summer.


February warmth seeps into my bones

Bringing promise of spring

Promise of life

Promise of hope.


Come spring come!