A Dog's Purpose

This Saturday, the 16th of September I took my dear friend Quasimodo, AKA QuasiBoBo, AKA the Joy and Peace Dog, to his new family. It was a bittersweet experience. This dear dog, whom I have poured heart and soul into, whom I have wept and prayed a thousand prayers and tears, this dear dog who has brought me such laughter and joy, even in the middle of tears and frustration was finally spreading his wings and flying away.

 The night before his big event we celebrated. He danced in the yard with his favorite flower pot, he chased balls and ropes and then we came inside and he had ice cream. The look on his face is always so delightful when he has ice cream.

 Many of my friends who have followed the saga of Quasimodo on my Facebook page or here on my blog have urged me to keep him. I wanted to. I really did, but always when I considered it there was that still small voice telling me that he was not made for me. He has a different purpose. He is simply with me, to teach me some lessons and to heal up and be prepared for where he is supposed to be. So in truth I have always know this day was coming.

 Once Quasi was cleared for adoption the process began of introducing him to folks interested in adopting him. We had several that seemed perfect for him. People with tons of land and horses, which I thought would be wonderful for him. Yet for whatever reason they did not work out. I was a little sad about this, but I should not have been. Things went as they went because although those homes were perfect for any dog, they did not fulfil the purpose of Quasimodo.

 Quasi adores children. He always made me laugh with his intense desire to be with children. Mine are grown but a corner neighbor has kids and they often played in the swimming pool. An eight foot brick wall separates us, and you cannot see in, but you can hear the children laughing. Each time this occurred Quasi would run to the corner and stand there, hopping into the air on all fours and trying desperately to see the children.

 Well his new family do CYFD foster care. They provide a safe and loving place for children who are abused and neglected. A safe place for broken children. How beautiful that is and how wonderful that Quasimodo will be participating in something he delights in, making children laugh and not only that but making children who may not have much reason to laugh, laugh.

 He has only been with his new family a few days and already he has befriended a child in the CYFD program. I am told that child “delights” in Quasi.

  To all of you who came along side me as I fostered this very special dog and nursed him through his recover, to the ones who prayed, to the ones who laughed and loved…..thank you. Thank you for participating in this glorious unfolding as we laughed and cried and prayed and watched this big, goofy looking dog struggle to break free of the limitations placed upon him by circumstances beyond his control. Through it all he was a trooper. He danced wearing multiple cones, with drainage tubes and bandages, he ran and frolicked wearing a plastic helmet, and he displayed joy and hope throughout it all.

  He would look at me perplexed as I sat on the ground weeping, trying to figure out why I was so sad, after all the mud and dirt is fun! “Look ma!, I am covered in mud! It is so much fun!” and never understanding that my tears were for the probable dirt that had now contaminated his head.

    Here’s to you Quasimodo, the Joy and Peace dog! Every second was worth it and what a glorious unfolding is has been! But it’s not over yet, in fact it has just begun. And it’s going to be wonderful watching from a distance as your forever Auntie Donna, as you fulfil your purpose.